We're looking for facilitators who are obsessed with building the school of the future.

Classroom experience is great, but not required. The best qualification is accomplishment in a field outside teaching, particularly in science or engineering. But there are no hard and fast requirements. We're looking for remarkable people of all stripes.

We're hiring for part-time (flexible, with a minimum of 3 hours per week) at $50/hour. to start, up to $100/hr with training. We're not hiring for full-time yet, but will be soon. The best way to get one of those jobs is to succeed as a part-time facilitator.

We're also hiring TAs for $25/hr. TAs are mostly college students or recent graduates. Successful TAs will have the option to be promoted to lead facilitators at $50-$100/hr.

The role of facilitator is two parts...

Part I: Run Synthesis sessions

The role of the facilitator in Synthesis is mostly observational. You will spend little time explaining. Most of your time will be intensely observing, and asking questions.

The primary goal of the Synthesis facilitator is to setup the environment so kids learn naturally. This part of the role requires adaptability, humility, and warmth.

Part II: Help build the machine

Our goal is to take these learning experiences that used to be limited to a few SpaceX families, and make them accessible for everyone. That means we need to constantly improve. We need to get superior learning outcomes with less human involvement in order to drive down the price and make it accessible to more people.